Thursday, September 20, 2012

Multi-Tasking Thursday

Unread BBMs, unanswered phone calls, Unopened emails and texts.... Crazy Thursday

I am being stretched.

Hey babe, my transaction didn't go through, can you call support?
Oh hi, I sent you an email, still waiting for reply.
Why the heck ain't you picking my calls?
Dear Rebirth, Don't forget, 6:30pm meeting tonight, be on time.
Send me credit please, busy and can't do it myself

*voices* *voices* *voices*

Why can't I be the one that needs all the help? I don't want to be the strong and go-to person again.
Wait, I don't know. I love helping people. I wan't to be the go to person. I don't know.

Maybe I am just acting out today because I am tired, sleep-deprived, mentally exhausted, hungry.


Maybe It's because I met a guy, He is crazy about me, he tells me, his friends tell me. He is my Mr Perfect. I like him too....more than I should at this point. I want to push him away. It's too early. I don't want him to like me. I don't want him to give me expectations. I don't want to get hurt. Maybe we should take it slow.

Why is love so complicated?

p-s: If you pray, help say a prayer for my friend. I hate Cancer. I hate Chemo. I love my friend and I love her strength.

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