Saturday, September 8, 2012


They say discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. Explains why I'm yet to accomplish some goals I set for this year.

I was talking to an older friend last week, she brought up the issue of discipline. It hit me. I am very undisciplined. I start things and quit halfway. I set goals and forget about them.

Breakfast today, someone brought up the Cambridge diet. I said oh I want to try, my friend replied, you don't have the discipline. Ouch! People that see me for who I am.

Everyone sees that I lack a form of discipline. I want to prove them wrong.

RealSlim told me that discipline starts with things you can control. Best to sort it out internally before you attempt other things. I want to work on this weakness.

My biggest areas: Money, Fitness and Unfinished business.

I view money on a you only live once scale. What if I die today? I don't want to regret not spending money on myself. However do I really need that $1000 bag? Why not save more? Discipline to save.

After 3 weeks of Insanity, I lose the zeal to wake up an hour earlier than usual to work out. I make excuses. Discipline to keep exercising. Every little helps.

Project XYZ, first month of excitement, to do lists, plans, overall preparation. Lose the motivation and forget about it for another one year. Discipline to finish everything I start.

One step at a time. I need discipline. Started reading the book of Proverbs and seems it keeps emphasizing on Discipline.


I'm on the quest to reorder my private world so as to ensure the public one is fit to present. It starts with discipline.

In pursuit of a disciplined self.


  1. nice one, and most importantly reward yourself on milestones helps a lot (at least me)

  2. I love this...And because you have recognized and acknowlege, a more disciplined life you shall live. I agree with doll, I also find that rewarding myself helps.


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