Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happiness Musings.........

I look back at the years gone by, people i have met, relationships i have been in, jobs i have worked at, places i have been to and i realise that everything has a matter how intact it seems now, it is up to me and life to decide if it's gonna be a short or a long one.

Have you ever had some moments that you wish could last for a lifetime? (words to Nicki Minaj). You know the i wish i could freeze this feeling, day and moment forever? I have had and right now i wish there was a way i could have frozen it because i need one of those moments right now.
I once read a post on CurvyGirlChronicles (awesome blog by the way, you guys should check it out) on the 3 tiers of Glee. I really want to always be at the highest level of happiness. In CG's words:
"I submit to you, that the top of the pyramid, the highest level of happiness, is suprasituational happiness, that is, the ability to be okay, even when everything works against your plans. And there, you have it. True happiness is to survive with dignity and grace the worst times of your life."

I know i have had such moments before and those are the kinds i really want to freeze. Question is how can i maintain it? Is it possible to be like that every single day? I am currently floating, i'm not unhappy but not as happy as i want. I feel there is something missing. I am looking for something, some sort of Inner peace. Maybe going back to Church will fix it? Maybe relocating yet again? I don't know. There is just something missing. I need to find it

In other news, I am in love with Beyonce's Countdown video. I watch it at least 5 times everyday on youtube. I made a dance routine for it over the weekend. It's a happy song that makes me think of maybe opening my heart for a split second...... hmmmn nah! i will pass

So back to being happy, i know i mentioned in the first paragraph that it's up to me to decide if it will be a short or long one, but life often gets in the way. Question to you guys, how do you maintain those euphoric moments?


  1. I love bee's countdown too! have u seen riri's we found love video?
    being happy despite your situation rather than because of your situation is a truly special feeling. u feel like nobody and nothing can bring u down. I'm trying to find my happy place again..xx

  2. It comes with awareness..,Once we fully grasp the notion that life Is fleeting and all we really have are series of moments...

    We simply learn to let go and flow


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