Thursday, September 8, 2011


I had a stressful day yesterday. I just wanted to crawl in bed and cry. I found it hard to say Thank you God for today but then i remembered that we have to always give thanks so i tweeted instead "In all things....Give thanks"

Someone retweeted and added: "Always. Even in the hardest of times. May God help us all to learn to do this."

He was right. He is still right. Sometimes we get so weighed down that we forget to appreciate the little things and show gratitude. It is good to give thanks.

I am thankful for

1. The gift of life for me, my family, friends and you my darling readers.

2. The phone company here that restored my blackberry service. I was off BBM for a week and it affected a few things. Thankful for BBM, well till Apple comes out with something similar :)

3. Friendship: My good friends who know my strengths and accept my weaknesses, who don't judge and are quick to support and help me in my decisions and life. The ones who don't laugh at the stupid things i say sometimes.

4. The wonderful people I have been privileged to meet via social networks. A really nice fellow on twitter helped me with the financial modelling of my business. I was going to pay over a thousand dollars to some so called professional but i got it done for free.

5. Good conversations. It's such a great feeling when you talk to some people and come out feeling refreshed. Our generation is filled with smart people.

6. Strength: I get asked; how do you combine your work, travelling, business, and the other side things you are working on? I honestly have no idea. I owe it to God for the divine strength. However, i need an assistant. It's time to get a PA and delegate :)

So darlings, what are you thankful for? Nothing is too small.....


  1. thankful for life.

    and i am thankful that you have reasons to be thankful

  2. Thankful for life, my boys, love, emotional well-being. I am thankful for it all...

    All the best to you.

  3. aww sowi bout the hard day you hard :( & yes, we need to always be thankful both when the going is good, and when it's not :/


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