Monday, August 8, 2011

Too much to ask?

As some of you may know, i have been single for a year and avoiding any serious dating but as i slowly peel away that shield and ready to maybe take baby steps in exploring the dating world, i started thinking of the kind of man i want to end up with. What will be ideal besides looks, or physical appearance? Well, His personality means much more to me. I believe no one should have to settle so here are a few of the qualities i pray for in my ideal man:

He must be or have: (use the appropriate)

1. A really good sense of humor, and likes to have fun……I can be childish sometimes, pillow fights and the likes. I once raced down the beach throwing sands at an ex on a getaway weekend

2. A respectful and loving relationship with both or either of his parents, except they are not alive. In that case, he must have an adult figure he looks up to.

3. Able to let me know he loves and display his love for me without any hesitation, I don’t mean excessive PDA

4. A music lover…… more than me. I appreciate music and want to grow musically

5. Emotionally available, able to commit. I am done with Emotionally unavailable men.

6. Financially responsible. I work hard for my own money, I am not looking for someone I can be dependent on financially but there are some things I will leave for him to take sole responsibility for. We have to be a solid team

7. Affectionate, Compassionate and Forgiving- I can’t stand people that bring issues of months ago after we’ve gone past it
Giving himself and other things: oh and Diamond is my birthstone ;)

8. Gainfully employed or run a business with a legit source of income

9. A strong and personal relationship with God. He must know God comes first and not just the 31st December church going type

10. Respectful of me, my boundaries and my values.

11. Sincere, Trustworthy and reliable.

12. Driven and Secure: Good self esteem, supportive. I want a man who will not have a problem with my desired success, passion or goals. I have big dreams and I want someone who will be proud of me

13. Socially confident but not extremely loud. Ability to hold a conversation.

I don't want to compromise on these things because I think I bring what i expect to the dating pool so I am within my rights to expect it.So help me God
Oh and it will be awesome if he could rock a clean white Tee shirt with blue jeans :)I am a huge sucker for a guy who can rock the white tee and denim and look like a million bucks....

Random thought: The funny thing is I think I know someone who fits in all these qualities but I dare not explore it. Que sera sera

Is my list realistic? Or am i asking to much? How about you guys, anyone got a list to share?


  1. well mine was
    1. relationship with God
    2. Intelligent - book and streetwise
    3. Romantic - poems, fine-dinning, PDAs etc
    4. Strong willed - Have a mind of your own
    5. Good job
    6. Family - good relationship with God and sibling
    7. good looks

    and i got it all

  2. Same ones I have on my list :-)

  3. @ Doll: so happy for you

    @ CG: your post actually inspired some of them :)

  4. you found someone with all of this, and you are saying que sera sera?????
    there arent a lot of them out there oh, pls dont dull

  5. doesn't sound unrealistic

    why que sera?

  6. Your list is not unrealistic. You may have to give and take here and there, but never so much that YOU are compromised


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