Monday, August 29, 2011


Sometimes people hurt us, we confront them and they deny.....
I am growing, i try not to get upset most times because not everything matters, not everything is worth it but there are some days, some situations that make you reflect and wonder why? why? why?

You are good to someone, you open up to them, help them in time of their needs and then they turn back and hurt you, and instead of being courageous, they act cowardly and deny that they never hurt you..

Human beings are weird, women are weird and sometimes i wonder why women can't stand together and help each other....must we backstab, hurt and hate on our fellow women? What happened to sisterhood support?

It saddens me to agree that most times, we set back our own gender in this whole feminist and Miss Independent journey......


  1. Gbam Gbam Gbam!!! Life... *sigh*

  2. life right? Everyone seems to think they are in some sort of competition which leads to jealousy, backstabbing and the likes--its sad because it doesn't have to be like that, it could be the other way around but its not something one woman can change, this wrong mindset has been there for so long. All we can do is change how we react to these things and be amazing anyways.

  3. I doubt it's about feminism, people are who they are. Keep your head up, OK?

  4. I think it also depends on the kind of women you surround yourself with. I have friends that are always genuinely happy for me and we are each others biggest cheerleaders and they are all women. Surrounding one's self with like minded people and only allowing these people into your close circle, enables a worry/hurt free life...

    two cents.

    hope you ok..*hug*

  5. Errrm funmi you should know better by now'll be fine jare.. *big hug*

  6. such is life. never fair, but you got to know who is worth your tears or who to worry your head over. don't stress just shake it off and keep moving.


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