Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just Because.......

I love flowers. They make me smile. I go on all sorts of flower delivery websites and just admire different arrangements and types.
I think they are one of God's best creation, well after my fabulous self :)

Hope these pictures make you smile and brighten your day as it did mine....

I don't like red roses, i never stop to admire them.... is that normal?
Thinking about it, Sadly, i have never been sent flowers by anyone just because....or not even on any occasion.., sucks right? The past men in my life, no matter how many times i hinted never took it serious.... Now taking applications for flower sending men.

I should probably stop at the grocery store on my way home after work and pick an arrangement for my self.


  1. I just said this on my tumblr.....i haven;t gotten flowers since April. I want flowersssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

  2. i like flowers, but i love chocolates even more :)

  3. I absolutely adore flowers too! Lillies are my favourite and i ALWAYS have a bouquet on my centre table. Everytime I have guests over it's either : 'wow, nigerian girls love flowers?' or, 'ooh, who's the man'

    I smile when I say i bought them myself! Why wait for a man to buy me flowers when i love them? I'm still waiting on the day a man will send me flowers..just because :D

    Go ahead, treat yourself! :)


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