Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 27............ Question

If a guy who is obviously not a douche-bag and who you know you like to an extent..... good looking, you know the whole physical attraction thing is there, you sometimes or say most times fantasise about smashing, casually says to you one day mid convo that he wants to have sex with you. Not in the non-flattering way of oh i just want to beat it but in the nicest way of "All i've ever wanted to do is fuck you". Will you be offended and feel disrespected? Or will you feel flattered?
Guys, this goes for you too....if it were the other way around?

We don't judge here and we tell it like it is so spill in the comments.......i wanna hear your point of view, yes including those of you that never comment..... ;)

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  1. i'l be offended and feel disrespected. i am not that liberated

  2. I could think of a better way to phrase that than "All I've ever wanted to do is fuck you" but I'm a sucker for honesty so I'd appreciate that. Even then, I'd still be speechless like what do you say to that? 'Thank you'? lol.

  3. besides 90% of the guys that cross any attractive woman's part wanna f**k them so what might be special about his dick.

  4. someone said that to me once - i was so suprised all i did was smile.

    In hindsight, although a part of me remained flattered that he found me attractive too *albeit physically* I was cross for a while.

    All i kept thinking was 'is it written on my forehead that i don't deserve more than a roll in the hay?'

  5. a friend of me said that to me once (not in those exact words) and well,the feeling was mutual cos he was ( is) a hot tamale. he stopped himself when he remembered he had a girlfriend, haha. the foreplay was good tho. so he zipped up and we went back to being friends, shikena.life is not hard like that.

  6. I almost stopped myself from commenting when i saw that line "including those of you that don't usually comment" Why are you tryna call me out?

    Anyhow, hmmmmmm, well.......
    Me i'd be flattered, but we already know i'm not well. If it's a situation where the feeling is mutual then i may even consider acting on it, but now that i'm old i'll just be flattered and maybe flirt a little and move past it.
    Infact now that you mention it i recently got a similar proposition, and i'm currently enjoying the flirting, will it lead to anything more? I strongly doubt it.

  7. @ Doll: you had me at what might be special about his dick! LMAO

    @ 48: how about thank you for wanting to fuck me? hahahahahah

    @ Enitan: you have a point, but maybe you were just too attractive that he couldn't hold himself back

    @ Nerfetiti: hahahaha he had a girlfriend? well honesty is always food. Good the friendship didn't end up being weird after

    @Mizchif: hahah Old mama...you finally commented ehn? I agree, the flirting is fun but what if it becomes persistent and he wants more ;)


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