Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 7...... Hurray!!!!!!!!

Made it to Day 7......

I have a habit that i think it's a good one. I celebrate small achievements and milestones. When i set a goal and i'm on track, i stop to congratulate myself.... Over the weekend, i bought myself a new pair of ballet pumps... Even though i had been wanting to buy one, i realised it was the perfect moment when i did my weekly weigh in and my scaled said i lost 1.8kg (like 3.8lbs) that week.... Awesome! It may seem small but baby steps towards my goal and i get more motivated.

So here i am again, happy i made it to day 7. I really didn't think i would have anything to write for 6 days non-stop

So HURRAY!!!!!!

Do you find time to appreciate the small achievements in life? How do you reward yourself?

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  1. SHOES!!!!!
    winning gifts everytime
    1.38kg in one week
    is not a small achievement at all oh!!!!
    when i lose a pound a week i celebrate, almost 4 pounds is victory


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