Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 5........ It is Okay

.....for women and men to show emotions

Society is evolving and according to the University of Girls Run the World in Beyonce City, we have more independent, career-focused, business minded ladies than ever before in the history of mankind. This means more women in the workplace, more businesses being run by us, in a few words, we are taking over.

As career-women, entrepreneurs and savvy businesswomen, we’re constantly facing situations that test us. Be it the sexist co-workers (yes i have those), or the annoying banks and service providers, or just men who we interact with daily that believe a woman's place is right in the kitchen making soups and waiting anxiously for the "Honey i'm home" phrase every evening.

Having these scenarios play out often in our daily activities, we can easily start building up a wall, brick by brick without even realizing it. We feel it’s needed because society has labeled us “emotional,” and as everyone knows, there’s no room for emotions in business. To defy the stereotype that women will cry at the drop of a dime, we overcompensate by appearing tough and denying our emotions all together.

A few weeks ago, i was having a pretty rough day at work, i just wanted to break down in tears right in the middle of a brainstorming session. However due to the whole women are too emotional, weak, blah blah i tried to put on a straight face. I sent a message to my friend and he simply told me to go into the bathroom and take a few moments. I did, released the tears and felt much better and went back to the room stronger. Sometimes, it's Ok to cry when we need to, it doesn't depict us as being weak.

Men, it is also OK to show your emotions, we like to see that softer side too (no pun intended)

When it’s all said and done, it’s about your personal growth as a man or woman regardless of anyone’s opinions. When managed properly (because i'm not condoning Naomi Campbell-esque anger outbreaks or Ike Turner beating techniques), our emotions are a beautiful and genuine part of our being. It defines us, it makes us who we are. I am an emotional person and i make no apologies for it.

In a world where fake is the new real and unauthenticity surrounds us, honest emotions are refreshing and much needed when used for good. Allow your emotions to inspire you. Tap into your core and let yourself be free to express emotions.

Don’t let others stunt your growth as a result of their judgment. It’s time that we become more comfortable with exposing and embracing our truest self. Even Miranda Priestly showed some emotions.....

Do you hide your emotions for fear of being called weak? When last did you cry? Men, do you see an emotional woman as being weak?


  1. :) *sigh* finally one trait i can say i have!!!
    i never hide my emotions, when i am down, i cry.... a lot X_X
    alone or even with friends, i shed tears freely,
    i actually saw my ex cry about 3 times in our 6yr relationship

  2. I used to never be a crier. I held it in and back. As I get older its as if its harder not to cry at things that affect me. Especially around that time of month, I am prone to crying at the drop of a hat but those are hormones dhemmit!

  3. I cry... but in private...I see no reason why I shouldn't have a good cry now and then.
    It definitely releases stress!


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