Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 4........ Words

I love reading books, magazines, articles, write ups, you name it. I love words, and not just because it makes me more aware of what's going on around me, or increases my knowledge but because sometimes i stumble upon words that express how i feel, what i am feeling, going through and it makes me happy, that somewhere, sometime, someone has been through the same thing...this further validates the bible verse that says "There is nothing new under the sun"

Yesterday, my sister-friend ShonaVixen who encouraged me to join in this challenge reminded me from her post why i started blogging a few years ago.
Shona wrote and i quote
"the reason I started this journey with the help of my friends was for us not only to remember why we love words, sharing our thoughts, emotions and whatever is happening around us but also for self-growth, for us to learn about ourselves and also be proud of being consistent with it and who knows maybe during this moment also have an ‘aha’ moment!"

I have always been a personal blogger, i write about myself, my experiences, hoping that someone somewhere sometime will read and maybe, just maybe relate to it and experience that similar great feeling of reading that someone who they have probably never met can relate so much with them; while also growing myself. This is day 4, i have learned more about myself and my emotions as i reflect everytime on what experience to draw on for this challenge.

I don't have a particular theme or subject to write on daily, i just open the new post page and i write. All I want is for my words to express me and i think i am right on course. So i will like to say thank you for reading and indulging me and i hope in one of the 30 posts, you may relate to at least a sentence, word , phrase or even a full stop.


  1. Went through my blog dashboard yesterday and realised that i have nearly as many draft posts as i have published. Most times i just write and then decide not to share cos it may be too personal. Going through them and it didn't even feel like i was reading the story of my life, just goes to show how we change everyday.

  2. Words are powerful....they go a long way in conveying our feelings,they make or break us.

    Nice one again.....

  3. i am always inspired by your blog, and i relate every single time, its amazing how word can comfort us or transport us to a different place, or even make us feel like we are sharing problem with others.

    Im really looking forward to the remaining 26days

  4. Words make...and words break!


I love reading from my readers :)