Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 3........ Crush

"Do you ever think
When you're all alone
All that we could be?
Where this thing could go?
Am I crazy or falling in love?
Is it real or just another crush?"

The good type of crush to indulge in….the one that you know that it is just a crush! Nothing more…..the best type is the one you know that once any one finds out about it, including your crush, you completely lose interest. In the past I always had crushes that I openly admitted even to the "object of my affection" (I’ve been dying to use that phrase), till the crush either ends or “we” do something about it. It is worthy to note at this point that my definition of crush is not limited to human beings....i've had the biggest crush on a Birkin handbag before.....

My last two crushes led me to starting a business i am extremely passionate about and making a really good friend.

Now I have a secret crush, reminds me of newness and new beginnings. Teaches me that i could do more with myself, i can make a big difference. It’s my secret indulgence. I tune off from reality by thinking about my crush…..i am very protective of it because I know once anyone finds out, it’s deuces! Right now, I am enjoying my imaginary fantasy and bubble, and boy! does it feel good

“Something happened for the first time
Deep inside
It was a rush
What a rush
'Cause the possibility
That you would ever feel the same way
About me
It's just too much
Just too much”

Have you ever had a crush on someone (or something) you couldn't bring yourself to tell anyone? As usual, share……..


  1. I have many crushes...but for me its a way to flirt. I always look for new crushes, it keeps my life exciting.

  2. I am the crush queen. Its the big love thing that is elusive. I love crushes though. Always fun, you don't have to invest too much time and effort in them. You can tell the other person or not tell them.

  3. Because of your post, i now have Jennifer Paige's track "Crush" doing some heavy rotation in my head:

    "It's just
    A little crush
    Not like i faint
    Every time we touch."

    Enjoy the moment, good crushes are hard to come by!

  4. Sigh... you wanna make me cry... this is the first time i'm hearing this song from Archuleta.. its beautiful... Mehn!! I have had crushes.. its ridiculous.. and they never knew... and somehow it dies... until i bumped into a crush at a bar and silly me, I walked over and said hello. He was a lil buzzed though so the reception from him was awkward. Anyways after that encounter, I felt so stupid and silly OMG! like I wanted to enter the ground but it did not open up.. and so the Crush I had went away and hid somewhere else in my heart or head... 4 months after, I get a BBM add from this guy...

  5. I just realized I have not had a crush in a while....hmm..:( beautiful song!

  6. @ Tolu: I agree, crushing and flirting keeps life exciting and fun ;)

    @ Kookie: Yup, fun because there is no risk of getting hurt, unlike that thing they call love.....

    @ Vimbai: off to find that song.... lol @ good crushes are hard to come on sis!

    @HenriettaW: oh girl, come back and finish this story...we overshare here :) so what happened after he added

    @Lohi: Find a crush lady!

  7. I crush like it is going out of fashion, in a way it just keeps me going and makes life interesting.

    I always tell whoever i have a crush on, somehow i'm just not wired to crush in silence.

  8. I'm still in crush with some shoes I saw @ selfridges and talking of crush...*sigh*


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