Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 22......... Reset

I had to leave work midday yesterday. I felt really weak and dizzy and my PM (God bless his heart) told me to go home and he gave me an extension on my almost due deliverable. I got home, made some indomie noodles, and popped two tabs of Ibuprofen PM. While waiting for that great drowsy feeling that occurs shortly before one starts to doze off from the effect of sleeping pills, (gosh i love that moment and contrary to what some of my friends think, i am not a sleeping-pill addict, i just happen to have 6 different types in my cabinet) I decided to continue watching some episodes of 90210 from where i stopped last night to pass away time. I switched on the DVD and it started playing but the TV wasn't showing. I tried everything for the next 10 minutes and i was already getting frustrated. Nothing was wrong with the TV when i left home in the morning, maybe the housekeeper tampered with it. I was about to call the building manager when i decided to try switching off all the devices from the main source as my flatmate and I always hibernate the TV, cable and all other gadgets.

I turned the main switch off, waited a few minutes and turned it back on. Voila! everything started working perfectly. In my semi-drowsy state, i realised that this was similar to some situations in my life. When some things become chaotic and are not going as planned, my first instinct is to troubleshoot and keep doing the same thing over and over again, hoping it will fix itself, Sometimes i am tempted to call friends to have them solve these problems when all i have to do is take a minute to press that RESET button.

Pressing my RESET button may mean stepping away from the situation to look at it from another perspective. It could be not running to my friends for advice immediately. Resetting may entail ceasing to worry, or getting rid of that thing/person/issue that may be dragging you back or most importantly, taking it to God in prayer.

Whatever Resetting means to you, remember that sometimes in life, maybe we just have to hit the reset button to cross that hurdle.


  1. This post right here is the truth!!! I think I'm still in 'reset' mode and its definitely needed.

  2. That button is just awesome. Most people need to hit it more often.

  3. True talk
    Hitting the 'reset button' takes courage most dont have!

  4. true talk oh!!i'm still pressing my RESET button and boy is it working wonders!!


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