Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 20........... This time i want it all

"The nostalgia of the past and the anticipation for the future should not be allowed to hold the now hostage. Learn from the events of the past, enjoy the now but keep your eyes skinned, watching for the exit signs to tomorrow!!"

I want someone to completely shake my world.
I want to see things how I have never seen them before.
I want to be surprised and impressed.
I want that unconditional conversation and time.
I want a firm friendship on a solid foundation.

Everything is so up in the air at this point in time. Pieces of me that have been all over the place are finally rounding up. I am slowly getting home. I am so open and so ready for what God has for my life. I am letting Him fill me up because I have been drained the past months till I was completely dry. I have been giving and giving and it's time to be filled to the brim and even overflowing with His love. His unconditional and never ending love. I am ready

This time i want it all


  1. And this time you will get it all!!!

  2. Just believe and stay will def get what you want

  3. One needs only to stay true to oneself...
    the rest will fall into place.

    There is no reason why you should not have it all. I love this attitude :)

  4. God will bless you so much it'll get embarrassing!!! just you wait and see, cos you have given and given trust me He sees and He will definitely fill your cup till it overflows.


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