Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 2.......... Who's the Boss?

I put up the above picture as my bbm display on monday and i got a message from someone saying "You are alone" and this got me thinking about how many people hate their jobs and career path.

By job, i am not limiting my definition to the 9-5 most of us do to pay the bills. I remember i always wanted to be a lawyer. I started reading John Grisham books at an early age and it was so fascinating. I fell in love with law, my dad wanted me to be a lawyer, i knew i was going to be a lawyer. Then something happened, we bought a desktop computer. Those really big ones they had many years ago. I used to watch my brother on it and wondered how awesome it will be to be on one all day. Gradually he taught me how to use it, i started typing, playing Solitaire, listening to music on it. After school, i will rush to the computer, it became my second life. Then my dad got internet connection! Voila! i was lost....

It was time to decide what path to take for my finals, i chose Sciences because the requirements to study Computer Science was Maths, Physics and Chemistry. My dad was upset but he had no choice but to let me go into the IT world. Years later, here i am, an IT consultant doing what i love.

I am not trying to be condescending because i know some of us don't like our jobs, heck! i hated my first job!

Now by Job, it includes your main source of income, and the side "hustles". I have 3 main jobs and i find joy in all i do, you know why?

Allow me to go a bit spiritual here....

Your boss is not really your boss; your boss is Jesus. Let me go further by explaining with three points.

First, it says, "Work hard and cheerfully at whatever you do as though
you were working for the Lord rather than for people." (Colossians
3:23 NLT). It's easier to be enthusiastic about your job when you turn
the focus of your work from "I'm doing this for my boss" or "I'm doing
this for a paycheck" to "I'm doing this for the Lord," With that in
mind you can do anything - scrape paint, wash dishes, repair a car -
and turn it into worship.

Second, when you turn your work into worship, you start storing up
credits in heaven. Colossians 3:24 says, "Remember that the Lord will
give you an inheritance as your reward, and the Master you are serving
is Christ." (Colossians 3:24 NLT) As you work for God, you are making
eternal deposits in heaven.

"So whatever you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the
glory of God." (1 Corinthians 10:31 NIV) It doesn't matter if you're
rearranging papers or signing bills, any job can become an act of
worship if you do it enthusiastically for God.

Lastly, Be Enthusiastic in Your Work. If you want your work to be blessed by God, the first thing you must do is start working enthusiastically. Enthusiasm is not based on how fun your job is or how much it pays; it's based on why you do what you do. In fact, the word enthusiasm comes from the Greek words en theos which mean "in God."

It is very true that your attitude determines your joy and you can't succeed in life until you change your attitude about the work you are doing right now.

50 women were honored in a major event in Nigeria last weekend; highly successful women, the best in the society who deserve recognition and one of them was a Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) official People that control traffic. Imagine if she had a bad attitude, i doubt she would have been honored.

Finally, whatever you find yourself doing right now, be happy, put in your best and work towards making things better....


  1. I have to agree with this. We lose enthusiasm for the jobs we have when they become hard or they don't reward us in the way we think they should. There are some things we are constantly enthusiastic about and we don't get paid for it. I think Im going to see what an attitude change will do for me and why work and side hustles...hmmm

  2. Great post right here!!..,your attitude determines your joy...well put!!

  3. Aww this is nice! I know what iLove to do. working towards it. in the mean time. Gonna love what I am doing...:)

  4. Enthusiasm and a positive attitude is very key

  5. Ah ah ah, the way i needed to hear this message ka, you have NO idea. I have now been spreading the gospel all over the office!

    Love it.

    Keep the wisdom coming!

  6. @ Kookie: you said it all with these "There are some things we are constantly enthusiastic about and we don't get paid for it"..... how much more the things that put that $ in our account

    @ Shonavixen: all about attitude :)

    @ Lohi: You go girl! and when you love what you are currently doing, helps you to appreciate where you are headed

    @ Laurenta: Yep it is

    @Vimbai: Preach sista! remember when you get an offering, my baskets are opened

  7. Wow! wish I had read this a few weeks back, there's nothing like the present it's good to see you're still blogging :D I'm a fan of the other blog stumbled on this one..

  8. Beautiful post. If the LASTMA woman did not have enough "enthusiasm," I doubt she would have been honored. I did not know about the origin of "Enthusiasm." I love Greek origins. And I loved this post.

  9. wow! You speak nothing but the truth!
    Thought about this TODAY! OMG!!! Thanks for sharing!


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