Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 19....... Pet Peeves

Before we get into it, i will like to apologise for not putting up a post yesterday. I had a bad day and i just wanted to get through the day. I avoided writing because i was running away from the problem so i distracted myself by tweeting and engaging in virtual conversations. Anyway i am much better now so i'm back.

Pet Peeves. Oh lawd i have a lot of them. According to Wikipedia, a pet peeve is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to him or her, to a greater degree than others may find it. Let me share 6 of my pet peeves

1. People who write the first letter of my name in lower case. It is a noun. I am sure we all learnt in primary school that a noun is a name of a person, place, animal or thing and the first letter should always be written in upper case. I have been rude in emails many times to such offenders. *evil grin*

2. Friends who read my blackberry messages and go for long without responding, especially when we are right in the middle of a conversation. If you know you can't respond at that point, then don't read.

3. Grammatical and written errors, cutesy intentional misspellings. note not TYPOS: I judge people who use 'am' instead of I'am, or who write kk/kkk for OK. There for their, Loose for Lose....the list is endless. Also people who don't know when to use Plurals, or the right adjectives, those that use silly abbreviations, like some guy wrote dycdded for decided to my friend, or physcic for psychic and i remember when a guy sent a message with "so i will be cing you". I had to ask him what 'cing' meant. True story. I make no apologies, i will judge your ass, especially when you start feeling like it's perfectly acceptable. Maybe it's due to the fact that when i was growing up, my mum was an English teacher and she was strict on our grammar... #shrug. P.s- why will u replace my with ma......I just can't deal!!!!

4. People who never keep to their words: If you say you will call me in an hour, let it be an hour and not the next day. Sending a text that you won't be able to do so will be acceptable. My ex was guilty of this. I think it was one of the few things that used to get me mad. I like reliability and if you tell me you will do something at a particular time, let it be so. Exceptions are if there are circumstances beyond your control. Not when i ask why you didn't call back or have not done that thing and you just shrug. Nah, no room for such tomfoolery.

5. People that touch my computer screen. I hate fingerprints on my screen. I have been seen to shout at people who do it especially at work. Must you touch my screen to make a point? Same as tapping me to make a point when i am right in front of you

6. People who use slangs wrongly. e.g. The southern slang Finna. I have seen so many people misuse it on twitter and it irks me. It means going to so why will you write, I finna saw you yesterday..... WOW! Just wow!

What are your pet peeves? Do share........

In other news, what is going on in the world? The Norway massacre, over 90 people killed, then news of Amy Winehouse's death, and i read early this morning that a shooter in Texas killed over 9 people. I better hibernate in my little bubble and shut out all these news and information for a while to preserve my sanity temporarily. It is well with us all...

R.I.P Amy. You were a very talented singer and your lyrics changed me a lot.

Hsve a good day guys....


  1. I wrote a comment and then refreshed the page without posting the comment smdh.

    Anyway pet peeves:
    Text speak
    Noise when Im in a silent mood
    Waiting when Im ready to go. I can't stand tardiness.
    People who brag...we get it you eat, sleep, shit expensive and then what? What else do you have to offer? mxcm

  2. My pet peeves:
    - People who lie
    - People who pretend / are fake(two-faced b*tches especially)
    - People who worship money, designer stuff etc
    - People who disrespect others because they feel they're 'beneath' them
    - Sloppy people (B.O; messy clothing, bad grammar, poor hygiene, bad time-keeping, poor manners, bad table manners, no thank you etc)

    LOL....I could go on and on. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm popping you on my roll so I'll def be back.

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  4. As in am is not the same as I'm. It pisses me off big time. Ma instead of my. I mean its the same number of alphabets. But nothing gets to me as much as buh for but. *pukes.

  5. First time on your blog and i love it already..I agree with you, I find it totally infuriating whenever i chat someone on bbm and they take forever to respond and i know very well that they have nothing doing..Like who are you forming for???....People that abbreviate to the teeth....I cant....Gibberish Language.Personally, people that use 'finna'(dont care to know what it means) in my own opinion try so hard to be some people construct silly sentences with the 'finna' word..WTH!!!

  6. The bbm one gets me!!!!

    I cant stand people that talk big and act little, action speaks louder

    Ass kissing!!! rme


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