Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 16............. It Passes

Over a week ago while listening to music, a few songs came up and they were the ones a friend sent to me during a phase i was going through. I remember writing this down while i was reminiscing about the events that made him send me the songs.

"When one is hurting and in pain, you never think you will get past it
I am listening to some songs my friend sent me during the whole dark period; songs from Heather Headley, Michael Buble etc and i remember it used to make me cry and my friend told me that it was meant to help me get better and maybe see that it's nothing new and everyone hurts and that i will get past it. I was a bit skeptical and felt like i was never going to get through it. Now i'm here, listening to some of these songs and all i can do is smile because once again, my friend was right. Pain is temporary no matter how long it lasts, it will surely pass and then we look back and just laugh at how we never knew we will survive it. Yep! i survived another heartbreak. which I never knew i could"

Today i came across some old emails, long rants i wrote and i look back at how much i have changed, grown and recovered. Everything is a phase in life and it all passes, even if we think it never will.


  1. Your friend is so cool for being there for you. What's his name? Maybe we can share him

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  3. loooool @tayo
    you are absolutely right,
    its amazing how when we are in pain we feel itd last forever


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