Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 15....... 3 Random things that make me cry

I know i am a crier but there are some random things that make me cry without holding back.

1. Graduations: Gosh! i cry at graduations, when i watch graduations, when i read about graduations,anything that has to do with graduations. Heck, i was bawling during the graduation scene in High School musical.... i think it has to do with the overwhelming sense of accomplishment attached to the ceremony. In all of these, i never cried at any of my own graduation ceremonies.

2. Extreme make-over: Home edition. I don't know of any show that is more emotional than this. Sigh, thinking about it, i am already getting teary-eyed. It is such a moving show. Two nights ago, my flatmate and i were watching an episode and we kept passing each other kleenex. It's just so emotional seeing families who have so many challenges being helped and given the home of their dreams.

3. Wedding vows: Not the standard for better for worse ones but the personalized ones that come from the heart and most of them are only seen in movies. I loved and cried while watching Brooke and Julian say their vows in One tree Hill. I have always said it and will keep saying it, my wedding vows will be personalized. My future husband can decide to do the same or go with the standard one.

What are the random things that make you all emotional and teary eyed? Share... don't worry we won't judge :)


  1. The scene in independence day when the president's wife passes away and he comes out to meet his baby daughter. She asks him, 'is mummy sleeping?'
    Gets me everytime.

  2. wedding vows make me cry too! i hope not to cry on my wedding day o!

  3. I'm such a crier too!! wedding vows make cry, Oprah et funny stuff!

  4. @ Freaksho: Now i want to watch that movie again.....sigh....so emotional

    @Doll: I think you will..........hehehehe. wear waterproof mascara

    @ Shonavixen: I'm not big on Oprah episodes but some did make me teary

  5. Crier here
    Movies get me balling
    reality tv too.
    oh lets not forget books, a novel will have me weeping like its reality


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