Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 14....... The Power of that one Kiss

Yesterday i was on my girl Shona Vixen's site yesterday and her post reminded me of that one kiss that always brings me to my knees.....The one kiss that made me fall in love the one and only time i have ever been.
There are so many ways one can be kissed, i like to think i'm a good kisser but i am not as keen to any other type than the one that always renders me powerless.....The Forehead Kiss.

Personally, i pride myself in being a modern day strong independent woman, i work hard, pay my own bills, handle my finances, my business, struggles etc but i like to feel protected and secure especially when in a relationship. I want to be assured everything will be alright. This type of kiss gives me that.

The only man that understood how comforting this kiss was to me was the only man i ever fell in love with. I have been in love only once in my life and even though it didn't work out, i am glad it was with someone that understood, not because i told him, but because he saw through my soul and realised the potential of the forehead kiss.

I hope when i am ready and find the kind of love i seek, it will be with a man that knows and appreciate the power of the forehead Kiss.


  1. I'll be honest, the forehead kiss has never wowed me but maybe its never be applied by anyone wowable. I can definitely see the appeal because it is affectionate and it always makes me think that a blessing is almost being bestowed 9blame the catholic in me- priests doing the sign of the cross on your forehead).

    I love kissing it is the single most beautiful part of being in a relationship I can safely say I miss the most.

  2. @ Kookie: Sigh! i miss kissing are right, it is the single most beautiful part of being in a relationship

    @ Shona: :)


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