Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 12.......... That One Song

So many songs make me smile no matter what mood i may be in, but one that stands out is Destiny's child "Brown Eyes". I don't know why but even if i'm hurting, happy, sad, nervous, whatever, and this song comes on, i start smiling sheepishly. I have tried to remember why this song makes me feel that way, no success. I don't even remember what was going on with me the first time i heard it. All i know is the lyrics transport me to this feel good fantasy world and evokes some feelings in me that i can't explain. Who knows, one day i may actually feel that way in reality.

My favourite part is
"Remember the first day we stopped playing games
Remember the first day you fell in love with me
it felt so good for you to say those words
cause I felt the same way too"

Anyone else have that one song that they love no matter what?

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