Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 10......... Discretion

I came across a post on one of my fave sites yesterday written by Streetz who is one of my all time fave bloggers, and not just because he does personal favors for me sometimes (get your minds out of the gutter). A part preached so true and it got me musing yesterday afternoon resulting in me sending a long email of my thoughts to some of my friends which i have decided to edit and post today.

The issue of discretion in life and especially in relationships...... with the increase in social media, most people have become so open, dramatic and messy, You can know their whole relationship, drama, unnecessary details from conception to date just by checking out their timelines.

They will let the world know everything about their relationships, the ups and downs, the tears and laughter, the strengths and weaknesses. Whatever happened to keeping mum to the world? Having a not so good day day or a hurtful argument with someone, and just working it out privately instead of taking it publicly by posting facebook, bbm statuses and subliminals on the Internet? I have been guilty of this a few times but i have learned. It never makes sense.

Streetz made a statement in that article that says Find a discreet woman, and you will find salvation. I will like to include, in my own case, a discreet man. That is the gospel truth in both sexes because when your significant other/lover/partner/boothang/whateverworksforyou tells your issues to friends, they tend to form opinions and judge you which just turns all dramatic. I believe in only telling things that i feel are needed at my own discretion.

I remember when i was actually dating my last boyfriend, for the brief few months we were together, maybe only one or two people, knew even though we would be out in the same crowd, no one suspected. It was when it ended that some of my close friends realised. Some said i was stupid, and that if you are keeping a relationship on the lowdown, it's because there's something fishy and maybe he's not just that into you *cue in Tiwa Savage's Kele Kele love* .

In some cases maybe yes, but I like to think i'm a bit too open personally, i write freely on my blog etc but private when it comes to my relationships for the most part, and absolutely hate talking because then people tend to cloud my judgement so it's best i deal with stuff by myself with only trusted and minimal advice.

Recently, the subliminals, write-ups and the drama i read on twitter and blogs has me concluding that Discretion is indeed a lost art in my generation. God help us

Are there disadvantages to discretion? Or should i be shouting from the roof top and updating my google+ status to everyone who wants to read about what i did to whatever-his-name-is with my tongue last night?


  1. LOL...
    well i dont believe in secret relationships, or 'lets keep it on the downlow' kinda relationship. I also dont believe in sharing everything with the whole world... i believe somethings r best kept offline and i dont agree with ppl in relationship who send subs to one another when ish aint going right. No. It is normal to celebrate ur relationship as long as you draw a limit. but f you choose to hide it then i ask why? but then again, each to his own.

  2. with your tongue...... err ok exiting the gutter now

    I have tried the relationship on the downlow thing, didnt exactly work out for me, noone knew we were "together" so he was running around with other girls and i didnt hear. on the flipside, announcing your biz to the whole world is VERY detrimental to your relationship... forget getting judge, when people know how sweet your soup is they want to taste it too , enough said.


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