Thursday, June 16, 2011


For many weeks now, I have been crazy about Kelly Rowland’s motivation, and all the many remixes, heck every one and their mamas have jumped on the remix. The one with R.Kelly was quite hot, well the song itself is hot.

The song, for those who live in Pluto and have never heard it, sees Kelly talking about motivating her dude, both in his life and in the bedroom….”Baby imma be your motivation”

This brings me to the question, what motivates you? Like what really gets you going? I have so many things I am currently working on, besides my already hectic 9-5 (more like 7-9) job, and I find it hard sometimes to breathe and rejuvenate. This weighs me down and times I feel like throwing in the towel, I remember the things that motivate me and I get all energetic and passionate.

In no order of importance, I will share a few things that motivate me and help me focus and strive to achieve a sense of fulfillment….

1. My Parents: when I think of the sacrifices they made for me to get a good education and I remember how much grad school cost including the monthly allowance I was on, rent, other expenses, and how my dad made sure I didn’t do any part time job so as to “focus” on school, I need no reminder on why I need to sit up and focus.

2. Words of encouragement from friends I respect: I have a close knit circle of friends that I look up to. All my close friends, I practically look up to them and want them to approve because I trust that they have my best interests at heart. The other day, I showed one of them what I’d been working on and he said “you know I am really proud of you”…that brought tears to my eyes. It feels good when you get sincere compliments from people who you know won’t hesitate to criticize you if need be.

3. Other people’s success: I am a happy go lucky girl, I’m always so happy when other people are successful, I go out of my way to ensure others do better than me. I like motivating, strategizing with people on how to achieve their goals. I am human and maybe a few times, I may get jealous but I like to think it’s the good type of jealousy. It motivates me to do something of my own, instead of sitting around hating on others

4. Sense of fulfillment: I have experienced this feeling a few times and it was really good. Anytime I feel depressed or on the verge of giving up, I remember how good a particular result felt and it pushes me harder

5. Material things: I won’t lie, I want the good things of life (let’s blame the Taurus sign here now shall we). When I need motivation, I go to and lust after the shoes, or visit sites of amazing clothing designers especially dresses like Jenny Packham shown below. When I look at the price tag, I want to work hard to be able to afford it myself

What motivates you?


  1. Lovely and honest post, darling!

    Being successful (or trying to be) motivates me!


  2. :)
    Wonder how any people have started off new blogs,
    Thanks for stopping by at mine

    1)My parents motivate me, They believe in my bailities so much its amazing
    2) My siblings, both of them kids, look up to me, my sister is my number one fan
    3) Friends are an amazing source of motivation

    4) Random views of others success just like Yours, I believe ive told you this before on twitter, lol


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