Friday, June 24, 2011


I love music and i think it's one of the things in life that we can never know everything about it. Everyday i discover new music and i have some awesome music heads as friends but that's not the point of this post. Music really does make everything better.

Jill Scott!!!! Can y'all believe? She lost an amazing 50Lbs and reading her story, it was so believable she did it with exercising and healthy food....i hope the joke is not on us Jill. Also, she released her album this week "The Light of the Sun".... do buy it and listen, it's really good.

I am particularly fascinated with the track "Womanifesto".... It is a poem and she performed it at the White house amongst other poems of hers during the poetry night over a month ago, in which Common was also invited. Jill painted the White House not just black but pink. It was beautiful

I have listened to it everyday since it came out and it sorts of motivates me because i think i can relate to parts of it.

So in light of this, i'm about to get my Jill Scott on, which in my dictionary means about to lose a whole lot of weight. Found a personal trainer here and we have come up with a plan. It's going to be tough, frustrating, stressful but eventually worth it. I start on the 2nd of July

Have a great weekend

Thursday, June 16, 2011


For many weeks now, I have been crazy about Kelly Rowland’s motivation, and all the many remixes, heck every one and their mamas have jumped on the remix. The one with R.Kelly was quite hot, well the song itself is hot.

The song, for those who live in Pluto and have never heard it, sees Kelly talking about motivating her dude, both in his life and in the bedroom….”Baby imma be your motivation”

This brings me to the question, what motivates you? Like what really gets you going? I have so many things I am currently working on, besides my already hectic 9-5 (more like 7-9) job, and I find it hard sometimes to breathe and rejuvenate. This weighs me down and times I feel like throwing in the towel, I remember the things that motivate me and I get all energetic and passionate.

In no order of importance, I will share a few things that motivate me and help me focus and strive to achieve a sense of fulfillment….

1. My Parents: when I think of the sacrifices they made for me to get a good education and I remember how much grad school cost including the monthly allowance I was on, rent, other expenses, and how my dad made sure I didn’t do any part time job so as to “focus” on school, I need no reminder on why I need to sit up and focus.

2. Words of encouragement from friends I respect: I have a close knit circle of friends that I look up to. All my close friends, I practically look up to them and want them to approve because I trust that they have my best interests at heart. The other day, I showed one of them what I’d been working on and he said “you know I am really proud of you”…that brought tears to my eyes. It feels good when you get sincere compliments from people who you know won’t hesitate to criticize you if need be.

3. Other people’s success: I am a happy go lucky girl, I’m always so happy when other people are successful, I go out of my way to ensure others do better than me. I like motivating, strategizing with people on how to achieve their goals. I am human and maybe a few times, I may get jealous but I like to think it’s the good type of jealousy. It motivates me to do something of my own, instead of sitting around hating on others

4. Sense of fulfillment: I have experienced this feeling a few times and it was really good. Anytime I feel depressed or on the verge of giving up, I remember how good a particular result felt and it pushes me harder

5. Material things: I won’t lie, I want the good things of life (let’s blame the Taurus sign here now shall we). When I need motivation, I go to and lust after the shoes, or visit sites of amazing clothing designers especially dresses like Jenny Packham shown below. When I look at the price tag, I want to work hard to be able to afford it myself

What motivates you?

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Happy Place

If you knew me in my other blog, you may have read sometimes how i'd been struggling with my identity, myself and my emotions.

See i am an emotional person, very edgy and my mood swings are epic. The last one year has been a roller coaster emotionally and gradually i have been trying to work through it, sometimes with help from friends with good or bad intentions.

This week i had long phone conversations with two close friends at different times, somehow it made me reflect differently about my life and the changes i have made. I have really grown. I cut out a few people from my life and i must say it's been really great. More things are coming to light now and different areas i didn't know where the betrayal were from are becoming apparent. I am glad i took some steps.

I am closed off emotionally, i know this and i have been living in denial but a few weeks ago, i decided to be honest with myself and deal with it. I am glad i did because i am on a one way ticket to my happiness. I just arrived at my happy place and i decided to blog about it.

Yes, i am really happy with myself and Life has never been more exciting because for the first time in a long while, i am doing things i love, living according to my will, not bothered about pleasing anyone and also surrounded with a few beautiful and loyal friends who i know have my best interest at heart. As we all know, life is hard enough without negative people and situations.

All i am trying to say can be summarized in one sentence:
"We determine our own happiness"

I leave you with one of my favourite Nigerian songs right now. I am not in love with anyone at the moment, but i am happy because i love the concept of Love and songs like this make me happy....

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Bag Meme

Lohi of Lohi's Creations decided that it was a really great idea to tag me in the bag meme….how did she ever come to that conclusion?

Gosh I am not a bag lady o! I can count the number of handbags I have and….wait for it..... i never carry them! My friend Arewa has been telling me to invest in a classic handbag this summer, I almost shelved over a grand USD to buy one beautiful Prada leather but my Besto killed the zeal….he says oh it’s so last year( what do guys know sef)so you see, I have no eyes for handbags. Not my fault, with my kind of Job, I rarely have a need to carry a bag....

Seeing that I have no choice but to oblige and bore you guys with the contents of my everyday bag, here we go

1. Take a picture of your bag.
2. Take a picture of its contents.
3. Explain!
4. Tag as many bloggers as you want, that you'd like to see the contents of their bags.

The Bag

I am an IT consultant so a handbag can not fit in all my junk and a back pack is so much comfortable. This girly pink backpack was a gift from my Kryptonite friend. I randomly tweeted one day that i needed a new backpack for work and surprise! it was sent to me.....our love and hate relationship sometimes has its benefits....


My Pink covered White iPad 2

I was not a fan of the iPad when the first one was released so i didn't bother getting one. Then one day, i was with my friend Uncle Segz at Bungalows eating dinner and i got to play with his iPad through out the evening, i decided to get one that night.....Thankfully, they announced that an iPad 2 will be out soon so i waited. I got it my birthday present ever and i am so much in love with it. I do practically everything on it. The Flipboard and the Kindle are my fave apps at the moment. All my favourite websites and books in one device.....Bliss.

My Office Laptop
Always in my backpack because i don't know when i have to whip it out (that sounded so wrong) to work. I am a workaholic..... #don'tJudge

External Hard drive
My greatest fear is losing data, both work and personal. I am currently on a project and if i lose my data, i may as well jump into river hudson.... #notThatSeriousTho. I coerced my besto (i did not come up with that title, smh! things we do for friends) to get me this particular blue 500GB hard drive. It was sold out in many sites but i made sure he got this exact one *evil grin* I like torturing my friends.... whatever I want, I get.... If this disk goes missing, i better go missing too

My RayBan Glasses
I am short sighted so i wear glasses whenever i am working in front of a computer. I don't wear it every minute though, only when watching tv or working on my laptop. I need laser surgery, who wants to pay?

iPod Touch

I can't work without music and seeing that i spend at least 12hrs of my day at work, i need my fix. There are some songs on my iTouch that are not on my laptop or the iPad so the 3 always have to be combined

Client Badge
I need a badge to get in to my client's office

Wallet from Accessorize

My best friend gave me 5 years ago and it's still as useful as ever

Hand Sanitizer from Bath and Body works

I don't like germs.... :) oh and they were really cheap last Black friday so i bought over a dozen....who wants one?

Boots No 7 body mist

Ever since i discovered this product in 2006, i have never run out. It's so refreshing and smells great.

I take a lot of painkillers, else i would have been jailed for murdering someone at work....#iKid #Imserious

Clinique powder: Perfectly real shade 146

I love this powder. They stopped making it in the UK because it wasn't selling (all you black people living in UK, Y U NO like Clinique) so i can only get it in the US. I have 4 new ones so no chance of running out for at least one year

Nivea lipbalm and lipgloss

I hate dry lips and i rarely wear make up except i am going out, then again, my definition of make up is my clinique powder, my mac skin tone eyeshadow and lip gloss, lately i have been using Mac's Ruby Woo just to feel among...hehehehe. I left my rose vaseline lips in lagos so i had to buy Nivea here

Post it notes

You never know when you need to leave someone a note. I actually use them as reminders. You don't want to visit my workspace.....

Wrigleys mint gum

Why do they call it a tail comb?


How did those get in there? Been looking for them

A pen
I don't want to be one of those people who go to banks without pens #noShots

A book

I always have to read a book. I can't bring out my iPad every time. I am currently reading this one and it's really good.

FemFresh wipes
Need i explain these?

Power Cable, iPod/iPad cable, BB USB

Devices need to be powered.

Blackberry Touch

I really need a new phone. Got this last year august and i think it's exhausted its lifespan. Oh you can't see it in the pictures as i used the crappy phone camera. Hold up! where is my camera?

So now that my 5 minutes of shame is over, i want to tag everyone that reads this post....go on, empty your bags...

The June edition of Sistaz Mag is out today.... head here to read
A new website was launched today for all Africans in Diaspora. It's called Diasporan Darlings Please let's support them.

Lastly, Sexy et Fabuleux turns 1 this month. There are exciting giveaways from those 2 sites i just recommended..... hurry!!!!